Entering the Dojo
My blog is a compilation of all the things that make me myself. I am currently a student. I am half Asian and half Caucasian.

Martial arts are a part of my being. I'm not too keen on martial arts wannabes who will get into a martial art for a few weeks because they think it looks cool. Martial arts is for life.

One day I am hoping to make an independent movie -- and I certainly want to star in it. Other than martial arts there isn't a lot to my life. I am (recently) studious.

I enjoy playing sport genre video games, especially MLB The Show -- I really want to play baseball in a team one day.


Learn 10 words in Italian.

Learn 2 phrases in Italian.

To be completed by next Saturday.

Brasil -> you x2

Fenerbahçe 3 - 1 Salzburg

Is it bad I have an album of hot women on my phone? ;P

Best English player in history. Changed the face of football forever.
I wasn’t too sure about posting a photo of a porn star on my blog as some of my female (and maybe some male) followers wouldn’t appreciate it. However, seeing as we’re all mature and this blog is a compilation of my life; I feel this should go here: Sola Aoi, my favourite porn star. I tend to find I am attracted to women who aren’t perfect in terms of body size (either thin or slightly bigger) so I was surprised when I found myself watching Sola’s videos consistently as she is pretty well proportioned body-wise. 

I am also mad attracted to Asian and black women — I’m not any less attracted to people of other races, just Asian and black women do something more.